Fashion jewelry: history and design

Academic Master 1st level


The Master Course aims to offer a global vision of the goldsmith sector as to modelling, processes and management. Participants will acquire and develop (digital) skills and competences to work in the Smart Manufacturing environment, and manage the complexity of the goldsmith design planning.


Addressing both beginners and experienced professionals as well as artisans aiming to enhance their competences, the course prepares specialized operators who are able to anticipate economic and sociocultural trends and to elaborate them into a project, to implement traditional techniques with the most innovative digital technologies of the Enterprise 4.0.


The Master Course is meant for people having a First Level or Second Level degree received from Italian institutions or an equivalent degree received abroad.

The acquired competences in Master Course are meant to train figures who can work as: Research Consultant, Fashion Jewelry Designer, Fashion Interior Design, Product Manager and Product Developer.


Duration: 1 year (60 ECTS).

The Master Course is provided in blended professional mode, and it is articulated in 80 hours frontal lectures, on line lectures and a 150 hours compulsory stage inside firms or approved institutions.

Participants will attend lectures, discussions with instructors, exercises, seminars and project work at the main University campus in Novedrate or in agreed upon institutions, for 5 weekends (not consecutively).

Exam sessions and dissertation will take place in the main University campus in Novedrate (CO).

Number of participants: minimum 2 - maximum 12.

Boarding costs reductions are available for meritorious eCampus students.

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