1st level Academic Master

The aim of the Master is to provide technical knowledge and didactic competencies for the actualization of a incisive narrative processes, such as problem solving and expression of textual and muiltimedia contents on different media, digital and traditional editorial production, for the film and TV industry, and for the web market.

The master is intended for aspiring authors, operators in the publishing industry, the film and TV industry and in the web market, related to narration and creative writing, willing to acquire specific competencies and methodologies for the identification and resolution of problems related to storytelling in each medium, professional or private.

Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree or Specialist Degree attained according to the previous/following legislation to D. M. 509/99. The participation to the Master is incompatible with the registration to other masters, degree courses, research doctorates and specialization schools.

The master has a duration of one year, for a total of 1.500 hours.
The modality of didactic implementation is full online on the e-learning platform of the University available 24 hours a day.
Examinations: written test; practice test applied to the school context and supervised by a disciplinary tutor; final dissertation, to be discussed at one of the branches of eCampus University.