The reasons behind a new University

During the academic year 2002-2003 the Italian University System had more than three thousand active degree courses. To this day the numbers have further grown, so much to give the impression that the university courses offered are more than adequate and that there is no room for new proposals.

From a more detailed and in-depht analysis, to which we have contribuited too, it seems clear that the weak point of our university system are due to quality issues (insufficient appetibility of the professional profiles produced by the university on the part of the labour market) and to functional issues (a sometimes weak response to the emerging basic necessities of the new professional profiles).

The reasons behind the introduction of 'another subject' into the system, namely another university, may concern quality and functionality aspects. In this context we believe that telematic University eCampus deserves the credit and the merit to give its contribution to the update and the improvement of the italian university system, proposing wholly new degree courses (psychoeconomics) or anyway closely related to the satisfying of the peculiar demands of the social, productive, and economic fabric of the country, charcterised by new didactic and organizational teaching methods and also addressed to a particular types of students (working students, diasbled, residents abroad).

  1. The formative proposal of eCampus University interprets innovatively (see the following profiles) the demand for specialist expertise, taking account of the most recent technical-scientific developments and, at the same time, of the basic requirements of the socio-economic system and of the people acting under it.
    For this purpose we have taken into consideration degree classes which could answer to these needs, favoring the engineering based ones, such as civil and environmental engineering, automation engineering and industrial engineering.

  2. Yes, it is true that few engineers earn their degrees in Italy, it is also true that Italy needs doctors, lawyers, experts on tourism, cultural goods, communications, at the height of the complexities that these particular professions imply, in the face of a quantitatively important, qualitatively elevated and differenciated, socio-economic demand. For instance, globalization entails a strong demand for rules, justifying the need for more legal experts.
    Documentation on the telematic University eCampus formative proposal: the reasons behind a choice. eCampus University, in order to deal with these demands has chosen degree classes such as political and social sciences, economic sciences, literature, sciences and technicques of psychology, science and technicques of the visual arts, music, and of the performing arts, design and the art of fashion.

  3. Obviously, this selection assumes particular elements of novelty and of coherence with the needs of the country, in particular of the degree courses proposed to the students, whose organization takes account of a knowledge base but also of the new requests for application coming from the productive and social systems, whose demand for services demonstrates new sensitivities relating to ecology, environmental safety, financial interest, the protection of cultural heritage, welfare and quality of life, energy saving, use of new technologies, entertainment, and fashion.

  4. Furthermore, the selection of the degree classes operated by eCampus University shall take into account the scientific value, and therefore the potentiality of basic and applied research on the various disciplines. We did not adopt just economic viability criteria, but also technical-scientific development and cultural criteria.

  5. Moreover, the academic curricula of eCampus University is addressed to the market not forgetting the needs and the interests of the students, who, while they are planning to become engineers, executives and psychologists, they have a consistent and profound need to belong, to be a part of a socio-economic context who recognizes them, who gives them value, who offers them real perspectives of professional and human growth. For this reason eCampus University proposes degree courses which, in addition to providing competences ensuring integration, with the objective of training new experts on the world where we live, not experts for their own sake.

In summary, our academic curricula goes beyond the science for the knowledge of the past and the science in the making, in which the scientist is an integral part of the reaserch and application process, assuming their responsibility, with their view of the world, and their values, their capacities and abilities (competences) and their sense of belonging to the situation in which they operates - a much-needed request coming from the complexity of the man-world system.

eCampus University is the result of a correct application of a complex thought to the problem in learning: a nodal problem in a reality in which everyone is required to re-learn how to work, how to organize, how to live, how to relate to the others. Its a University model which goes beyond the traditional fortress of knowledge and which is drawing ever nearer to the model of knowledge and competence laboratory, and which does not form notion filled experts, but rather 'nicely done' experts.