Legislation and public works dispute. RUP, design and execution, CCT.

Academic Master - 2nd level



  • Eng. Massimo Sessa
    President of the Superior Council of Public Works
  • Prof. Adv. Fabio Francario
    Full Professor of Administrative Law
  • Eng. Sergio Minotti
    Coordinator of the Public Procurement Committee FOIR and President of the Public Procurement Commission OIR
  • Adv. Patrizio Leozappa
    President of Camera Amministrativa Romana
  • Eng. Massimo Cerri
    President Order of Engineers of Rome - OIR
  • Eng. Filippo Cascone
    President of Fondazione Ordine Ingegneri Provincia di Roma – FOIR
  • Eng. Giorgio Lupoi
    President Associazione Italiana delle Organizzazioni di Ingegneria, Architettura e di Consulenza Tecnico – Economica – OICE
  • Dr. Alfredo Storto
    Administrative Magistrate, Head of Cabinet Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
  • Prof. Adv. Federico Freni
    Adjunct Professor of Administrative Law, Undersecretary Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Carlo Alberto Manfredi Selvaggi
    President of the Chamber of the Court of Auditors, Head of the PNRR Mission Structure at the Presidency of the Council of Ministries
  • Prof Antonio Leo Tarasco
    Professor of Administrative Law, Head of Legislative Office Ministry of Culture
  • Adv. Vincenzo Nunziata
    President Aeroporti di Roma


The aim of the master is to provide interdisciplinary training for candidates who are holding technical roles at state administrations and contracting stations required to design and execute public works, with particular reference to the professional figures of the RUP and the members of the Technical Advisory Board, also in view of the strategic importance assigned to the aforementioned figures in the regulation of the new procurement code and in the achievement of the NGEU and PNRR objectives.

Furthermore, the aim of the master is to provide an highly specialized education to private practitioners and the personnel of companies providing services for the Public Administrations, aimed at raising the general level of cooperation between contracting authorities and economic operators, as well as the quality of construction processes for public works.


The Master is aimed at candidates aiming to specialize in the field of public contracts with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, which is indispensable for the training and updating of PA professionals who hold the roles of manager and RUP, but also of freelance engineers and lawyers, technical directors and directors of companies and service companies who work daily in the public procurement sector.


Upon accreditation of the Master “LEGISLAZIONE E CONTENZIOSO DELLE OO.PP.. RUP, PROGETTAZIONE ED ESECUZIONE, CCT” nthe University hereby announces the opening of the application procedure within the framework of the SNA scholarship related to the II level academic master aimed at granting specialist training within the field of public contracts with recognition of 10 scholarships for the interested civil servants.

The applications for registration, complete with the required attachments, must be sent to the following email address: no later than monday 4 march 2024 at 12:00.

The application forms must be submitted to a commission comprised of the members of the Board of Directors of the Master, which will assign up to 50 points, as provided for in the attached call.

The commission will then draft a ranking list, and the first 10 applicants will be contacted for the subsciption of a registration form.

pdf CALL




Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree Degree attained according to the old system or to the new system in law, economics, political science, engineering or architecture.


The duration of the Master is two years, for a total of 1,500 hours per year. The modality of didactic implementation is blended, and consists in online lessons and 200 frontal lessons which will take place at the Rome branch of the university in live streaming.

The master is made up of 6 macro modules, each comprising a multiple-choice written exam, a 4CFU internship/workshop and a final exam, which (to be taken upon passing all the exams of the learning pathway) which consists in the drafting of a final dissertation under the supervision of a member of the teaching staff, to be discussed in front of a commission of professors appointed by the University.