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A technologic educational environment  

eCampus telematic University identifies itself as a technologic educational environment, by introducing in its area of training an actual variable, adding the third dimension of the new media to the traditional languages and strategies of the didactic practice, integrating them to the traditional ones (the book) or the paleotechnologic ones (overhead projector, audiovisual). Considering that the new medias have granted a winde long range arrangements for the fruition of teaching, including long distance fruition, two essential refections on the pedagogic reflection and the educational systems come to mind:

  • that of multimediality, which is determined by the co-existence of the analog medias (cinema, television) and the digital medias (computers, videodiscs);
  • that of interactivity, which enriches, yet complicates the communicative relationships typical of the educational environment, introducing the machines as a conduit between student and teacher.

The risk is that these two dimensions will be taken as artificious technologies with the only purpose of facilitating the transfer of knowledge, having the didactics regress to a mere buying and selling of information.  

On the contrary, eCampus takes multimediality and interactivity as functions of an educational environment, contributing to the final result of a significant and tangible learning process.

In this new environment student and teacher operate in order to build up a relation system dominated by a single organizing principle which is the basis of the management of the three dimensions of the training area - the language dimension, the media dimension, the teaching/learning strategies - but it still is up to them to decide the educational path, the sense, and the reference value system.

We associate ourselves with Henri Dieuzeide's thought: the new medias require the addition of creativity and pedagogical imagination in order to be effective. They must not be employed for alleged shortcuts for the path which leads to teaching and learning.

Therefore, the telematic university denomination is not meant to be understood in its weak sense, as though it was just a way to elaborate and distribute a more or less complex and complete catalogue of tv programmes or a multi-project derivation multimedial support. We think of a telematic university as a technologic educational environment, which realizes educative and didactic autonomous solutions, available at distance, yet integrated with tutorial and teaching activities radiating from a specific center, in which didactic planning, psycho-pedagogical research, interation with the addresses answer to specific methods and contents articulated, yet univocally conceived and integrated with an organic educational offering.

For new technologies we intend (Dieuzeide) the ones which are characterized by rapidity and power in registration, storage and representation of information; by interactivity in data manipulation; by the possibility to deploy information even from a distance (computer, videodisc, telematics).

The actions for the realization of a technologic educational environment

eCampus University aims to conceive a real technologic educational environment through the following actions:  

  • monitoring system of the demand of higher education and of the requirements of both the real and and potential users;
  • systematic monitoring of the socio-economic context and of the labour market, in order to develop a educational offering pertinent to the life of the addressee;
  • centralized monitoring of the didactic planning, the control of the didactic processes and of their evaluation;
  • usage of an owned e-learning platform, which stems directly from the didactic needs, already present at design stage and not adapted in a later stage; the technical structure which is responsible of the planning and management of the platform is the e-learning Service Center provided for in the University statute;
  • basic research and applied research activity on education conducted by eCampus Foundation, with the aim to support the general and specific didactic structure;
  • constitution of a permanent didactic Commission in order to promote high quality teaching and to certify the supplied teaching material and the services offered;
  • selection and placement of highly skilled teaching staff, willind to share methods and objetives with eCampus telematic University;
  • employment of tutors in their more advanced version, with the task of supporting the learning process but also of orientating and introducing the students into the labour market; 
  • reduction of the dispertion (negative results, drop-outs, renounces) through a strong personalization of the teaching;
  • maximising the use of the structural, didactic and logistical material of the Novedrate headquarters not only for the provision of the telematic services, but also for the periodic and final exam taken in presence. The Novedrate headquarters dispose of more then sufficient structures for both purposes: directional and administrative offices, areas destined for technological hardware and for multimedia reduction, studies for the teachers, traditional and multimedial classrooms, library, auditoriums, restaurants, coffee bars, sporting facilities, 270 accommodations for teachers, students and tutors;
  • attivazione di workshop e di seminari con i docenti nella sede centrale, in particolari momenti del percorso formativo, frequentabili su scelta libera dello studente;
  • realizzazione di eventi scientifici e culturali che integrino l’offerta formativa.

Who are the addresses

We would like to highlight the fact that eCampus telematic University aims to a specific target: the youth – interested in humanistic, juridic, socio-economic, technical-scienific formation and to their territory of origin – but also to the universe of those employed or unemployed who aim to improve their professional skills or to change their professional project. Foreign students can also enroll in eCampus telematic University, as long as they possess the requirements, according to the current regulation.

eCampus University organizes legitimate university degrees for all those who choose to follow its methodologic and didactic project or for all those who for work, residence, and health reasons cannot participate on an ongoing basis to lectures and other presential activities. It also offers flexible learning processes for the continuous, recurring and permanent formation of the adults. (art. 2/2 of the Statute)

eCampus telematic University, in accordance with the rules contained in the Inter-Ministerial Decree issued on 17 April 2003, interprets creatively, on the qualifying plan of the learning methodologies and technologies, the spirit of the regulation which aims to defend the right and the duty of instruction, interpreting instruction as an education factor, finalized to the personal and social developement, to the cultural belonging of the addressers.

The aim of eCampus telematic University is not that of producing degree courses, but rather to train people who are capable of learning, also thanks to the new technologies.