Criminology - Forensic and Investigative Science

Academic Master - 1st and 2nd level

The forensic and investigative science earnig patway of the academic master in Criminology provides transversal knowledge on the basics of legal and psychological subjects. The notions provided in the first part of the academic master are fundamental to then tackle the second, more specific part, which deals with Forensic Science. Currently, investigations and technical consulting activities, topics that are the educational basis of this course, are mainly addressed on the technical-scientific subjects provided in the Master.


The master's program is aimed at psychology or law students who wish to pursue a career in criminology.

The academic master provides essential training providing a complete overview of all the relevant scientific subjects, for security operators, law enforcement practitioners career, private investigators, technical consultants in various forensic branches, and lawyers. 


Degree attained before the issuance of DM 509/99, or 1st Level Degree, attained in accordance with DM 270/04 in any discipline, or equivalent academic title.



The master has an annual duration, for a total of 1500 hours.
The implementation modality is full online through the online academic platform, which is accessible 24 hours a day.
The exams are administered in the form of a written multiple-choice test, provided in the online platform of the university.

Upon successful completion of all the exams provided for the course, the candidates are required to write a final dissertation under the supervision of a professor, which must then be discussed in front of a commission of professors.