The Rector

Prof. Enzo Siviero
Rector - Full Professor of the Faculty of Engineering


Enzo Siviero was born in Vigodarzere (Padua) in 19 January 1945. He is an Italian Engineer, Architect and Professor.
In 1969, he graduated with honors in Civil Engineering, Transportation at the University of Padua. In the same year, he enrolled in the Register of Engineers of the Province of Padua.

As an engineer, he works in the field of structures and infrastructure with particular reference to the themes of Structural Architecture. In 1969, he started a career in the field of building industrialization, structures and infrastructures, in Italy and abroad. He has designed and followed the construction of industries, shopping complexes, roads and lakes in Libya, Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, an activity that has allowed him to gain significant experience with major international contracts, characterized by design practices very different from those that are in place in Italy.

Since 1972, alongside his professional activity, he has been teaching at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice (now IUAV University of Venice). After more than a decade of traditional scientific and didactic activity, he felt the need to comply with the teaching of structures to the aesthetic and the cultural needs of architectural design. Therefore, he devoted particular attention to the conceptual design of bridges and their integration into the landscape. His teaching is ultimately inspired by the desire to renovate the attention to the ancient Vitruvian principles of firmitas, utilitas, venustas, through a new generations of architects. Between the late '80s and early '90s he also devoted himself to Hospital Architecture.

In 2009, he attained a Honorary Degree at the Politecnico di Bari.
In 2016, he was appointed Rector and Full Professor at eCampus University.

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