The University’s Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee ( of eCampus University, established by virtue of the Decree of the Chairman of the Technical-Supervisory Committee no. 22 of 3 April 2013 and the subsequent Decree of the Chairman of the Technical-Supervisory Committee no. 48 of 16 May 2013, has the following duties:

  • defines and proposes the quality assurance and self-evaluation/evaluation of the University’s curricula (QA);
  • monitors the implementation of the system on all curricula;
  • monitors the results of the study processes and renders them available for the purpose of internal quality assurance and self-evaluation/evaluation;
  • promotes a culture of quality.

Specifically, the University’s Quality Assurance Committee:

  • organises and checks the update of the information included in the Consolidated Annual Form of Courses for each one of the University’s curricula;
  • organises and checks the implementation of QA procedures to teaching activities;
  • organises and checks the review of the Curricula;
  • organises and checks the flows of information from and to the Evaluation Board and the Joint Teaching Staff/Student Committees;
  • assesses the efficacy of measures for improvement and their actual impact.


MEMBERS (D.R. n. 181/22):

Prof. Luisella Bocchio Chiavetto - Full Professor, Faculty of Psychology (Presidente);

Prof. Eng. Riccardo Botteri - Fixed-Term Full Professor, Faculty of Law;

Prof. Leonardo Fiorentini - Associate Professor, Faculty of Literature;

Prof. Eng. Paolo Giovannoni - Expert in quality systems;

Prof. Elisa Tira - Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics;

Prof. Fabrizio Vecchio - Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology;

Prof. Marco Teti - Associate Professor, Faculty of Literature.