Access to the Database of the Online Student Services



Access to the Database of the Online Student Services


Veracity inspection conducted by Public Administrations clerks

In accordance with Article 71, paragraph 1 of the 445/2000, the previous administrations are required to carry out adequate inspections, even random checks, on the veracity of the replacement statements referred in the 46 and 47 articles". In accordance with the D.P.R. 445/2000 (Consolidated text on administrative documentation) and with the D.Lgs 82/2005 (Regulation on Digital Administration), in order to facilitate the clerical acquisition and the control over the replacement statements concerning states, matters, and personal features referred to in Articles 46 and 47 of the D.P.R. 445/2000, the administrations who are holders of telematically accessible databases may  conclude agreements with other administrations aimed at regulating the access modalities to the data contained in said databases.

Agreements for the access to the Databases

The Public Administrations and the Public Services Suppliers interested in the conclusion of such agreement are required to:
a) print, fill in and sign two copies of the agreement;
b) print, fill in and sign the form for the accreditation/acceptance of the data consultation (which has to be filled in both for the Legal Representative and for any other officer who is intended to be accredited for the accession to the datas);
c) provide a copy of a valid identity document and of the social security number of the subjects of paragraph b);
d) send all the documentation of paragraph a) b) c) in a sealed envelope to:

Università Telematica eCampus
Segreteria Studenti
Via Isimbardi, 10
22060 Novedrate (CO)

The application must be duly filled in and signed, using the specific form, and may be sent though certified email (PEC) of the requesting unit to the certified email (PEC) of the University:

Upon completion of the investigation the competent authorities of the University shall submit to the requesting unit a countersigned copy of the agreement and shall communicate the login credentials for the ESSE3 PA database.

Consultation modality in the absence of an agreement

Any request for verification of self-certifications and self-declarations submitted by the Public Administrations by fax shall not be taken into consideration: therefore, the University shall take into consideration only the requests submitted by mail or certified mail, express mail or registered mail with return receipt.

Obviously the verifications shall be implemented only in case of clear indication of the personal data of the subject of the declaration and of the information object of the verification.

Consultation modality for private parties

Whenever a request for veracity inspection is submissed by a private person (natural or juridical person), in order to proceed to a check it is necessary for the submission to be accompanied by the written consent of the subject/subjects whom have issued the replacement statement or the notarial act. A copy (front and back) of a valid  identity document of the subject whom has issued the replacement statement has to be compulsorily attached to the written consent.


For further clarification contact the Student Administration Office 
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