What is it?
The Placement office of eCampus University takes care of integrating our graduates into the labour market, supporting the students and facilitanting their passage from an academic career to a working career.

To whom is it addressed?
The Placement office of eCampus University is addressed to graduates and companies.


eCampus University offers to its graduates the possibility to combine their academic career with the professional figures requested by the local, national and international labour market; the service provides practical support for the integration into the job market considerably reducing the normal wait time to get a job.


eCampus University offers to the companies the possibility to identify, based on their necessities and the skills of our graduates, the most appropriate professional figure, sensibly reducing the wait time and the costs normally connected to the personnel recruitment;

The service does not implicate any obligation either for the companies or the students, since the University intends to support and facilitate the integration into the job market of its graduates.

What does it do?
The Placement office coordinates the relations between the University and the job market, dealing with various aspects:
It manages the administrative and bureaucratic interactions between company and University and between company and students. It organizes formative meetings in order to properly illustrate the connection between academic training and job market, through events such as the “Job Day” and other company introduction days, that will give to the students a thorough overview of the most significant careers they can pursue - at the end of their academic career - and, at the same time, it gives them the possibility to communicate directly with the delegates of the companies affiliated with the University. It promotes seminars and conferences for the orientation of the students into the labour market.

The Placement Office shall make available to all undergraduate and graduate students eCampus WORKAPP, an app that allows the users to individually set up their job search and find the offers with the greatest chance of success; to create their own CV and search online for the offers best suited to your skills and aptitudes; to analyse their potential through tests that can define their soft skills.
eCampus WORKAPP is available to all undergraduate and graduate students of eCampus University.
For further information and to access the web app, please consult the website; to receive technical support, please contact

Curriculum Vitae online
In accordance with law n. 183 del 4/11/10 and its subsequent amendments, the University shall make available for free the Curriculum Vitae of the students and the graduates of the last 12 months who are interested in being visible by potential employers.
The service offers the possibility to:
Partially and anonimally view, without any registration obligation, the Curriculum Vitae of the students and the graduates of the last 12 months:
View the CVs partially and anonimally


For more information call: 031 79421 (9.00-13.00; 14.30-18.00)