• The Service is aimed exclusively at students who, due to psychological or psychosocial difficulties, manifest significant difficulties in academic progression and meet at least one of the following conditions:

    • they have not passed an exam in the last two examination sessions;
    • they have not booked any exam in the last two examination sessions.

  • Il The Service provides free psychological counseling interventions, intended as relational processes based on listening and support, and characterized by the use of abilities and strategies aimed at the activation and re-organization of the personal resources of the individual, for the purpose of making choices and changes possible in situations perceived as difficult by specific subjects, in full respect of their values aThe counseling intervention consists in a maximum of 6 online interviews with a Service operator. The first interview is devoted to the detection of psychological distress, such as anxiety and depression, or psychosocial distress, such as family or work-related stress, and its negative effect on academic performance.

  • In the event that the discomforts detected can be traced back to a psychopathology, the counselling intervention can be provided but only on condition that it is focused on the present or the recent past, and has the main objective of helping the student overcome academic difficulties, always under the reasonable assumption that the intervention can be effective. On the other hand, the students will be advised to refer to a territorial service in their place of origin if: 1) they present a psychopathology and the counselling intervention is not deliverable due to the high possibility that it will be ineffective or ineffective with respect to overcoming academic difficulties; 2) they present a psychopathology and the counselling intervention has not been effective with respect to overcoming academic difficulties.

  • The responsible of the Academic Psychological Counseling Service is Prof. Gian Mauro Manzoni.


The students up to date with the payment of the taxes and duly enrolled in one of eCampus University's Study Courses may apply for access to the University Psychological Counselling Service by filling in the application using the button located at the bottom of the page. An operator of the Service will review the submissions and will provide to contact the students who applied for the service within a week.



All personal data provided before, during and after the psychological counseling intervention will be considered strictly confidential. They may be disclosed to persons outside the Service only and exclusively by written informed consent of the subject. The online electronic database in which personal data will be recorded and stored will be password-protected and can only be accessed by the service operators. Even the notes that the operator will draft during the interviews will be filed in password-protected folders (in the case of digital texts) or in any case stored securely in special lockable cabinets (in the case of paper sheets filed in folders).

The subject's personal data may be aggregated in anonymous form with the data of other students who have received or will receive psychological counselling intervention, and used for research and publication purposes with respect to the effectiveness of the psychological counselling intervention. The personal data treated for research and publication purposes will be completely anonymized by deleting all the identification data (name, surname, matriculation number) and it will be absolutely impossible to trace the identity of the subject.

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