Transfer to another University

Requirements for the application and general indications


In order to apply for the transfer to another University it is necessary to be up to date with the payment of the fees, includin the registration fee of the current academic year. Transfers to other universities are allowed from 01 August to 31 August.

Firstly, the student must seek information at the University to which they wish to transfer on the enrolment process:

  • terms of transmission of the transfer application

  • access requirements, eventual entrance test and other selection modalities

  • deadlines for the transmission of the documents to the other University


How to apply for the transfer

The student must fill in and send to the Student Secretariat the application form for the transfer along with:


Recognition of the acquired credits

The eventual recognition of the previously acquired credits is solely the competence of the University of destination. The student must, then, turn directly to the Student Secretariat or the Didactic Offices of the Faculty of the Degree Course of interest.