Outgoing Mobility-Study abroad with the Erasmus+ programme

The eCampus students ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd cycle, including the Master's Degrees) have the opportunity to deal with international academic and working realities, attending their classes and taking their exams at another european University, or doing their internship at a foreign company: the two experiences can be alternated or repeated with due regard for the total duration of 12 months for each course of study (in the case of single cycle degree courses, the students shall make use of a mobility period up to 24 months).


The mobility for studying abroad lasts 3 to 12 months (including the internship period, if planned, and including the previous mobility experiences in LLP), at the Universities of states partecipating in the Programme starting from the second year of study.

You can find further information on Erasmus mobility for studying on the Erasmus National Agency website (


Consult the list of the hosting universities (.PDF)

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The mobility for the internship abroad lasts 2 to 12 months, at the companies and organization of states partecipating in the Programme, starting from the first year of study. Even the recently graduated students can apply for an internship, within 12 months from their graduation.

In order to find the host companies and organizations you can register at the following platform promoted by Erasmus Student Network.


Consult the competition announcement (.PDF)

Application Form (.DOC)

Participants with special needs

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