Logistics, maritime economy and sea security

Academic Master - 2nd level

Directors and scientific advisors: prof. dr. Hercules HARALAMBIDES, eng. Luigi MERLO, gen. Giuseppe MORABITO, prof. Eng. Giuseppe R. TOMASICCHIO, prof. avv. Stefano ZUNARELLI

Members of the teaching staff:

Professor of port and maritime economics Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Eng. Luigi MERLO
President of Federlogistica

Prof. Avv. Stefano ZUNARELLI
PO Diritto della Navigazione e dei Trasporti – University of Bologna

Gen. B. Giuseppe MORABITO
Director of the Civil Protection of Rome


The aim of the Master is to train highly qualified professionals in the maritime/port sector, with a focus on logistics, economics and safety of sea transport from a blue economy perspective.

The master provides competencies and skills required to analyze and address the critical processes in the most relevant business areas of the maritime economy, such as, for example, the sector of transport services, logistics activities associated with ports, shipbuilding, cruise tourism, yachting and, specifically:

  1. the complexities of logistics and security systems specific to Port Systems;
  2. the principles of blue economy;;
  3. maritime legislation.


The Master's course is aimed at students holding a degree in Economics, Architecture, Engineering, Mathematics, Management, Law pursuing a career in the maritime and logistics sector; or aiming to work for a shipping, port, transport, finance or security company. These positions are available in public and private organisations, such as banks, accounting firms, other financial institutions, port management organisations, shipping companies, government institutions and transport companies with an international orientation or multinational companies. Upon graduation, the students can also opt for careers as maritime market analysts, senior account managers at insurance and financial institutions, transport consultants, etc. nbsp;



Master's Degree in Economics, Architecture, Engineering, Mathematics, Law, or an equivalent title attained pursuant to DM 270/04.



The duration of the Master is two years, for a total of 1,500 hours per year. The didactic activities will be implemented on the online platform of the university (accessible 24 hours a day). The examinations are implemeted in the written format on the online platform of the University.

Upon completion of the exams, the students are required to take a final examination, which consists in the discussion of a final dissertation, under the supervision of a member of the teaching staff.



SSD Title of the Module CFU Professor
INGIND/35 Port Logistics 20 eng. Luigi Merlo
SECS-P/08 Maritime and port economics 15 prof. dr. Hercules Haralambides
IUS/06 Maritime legislation 5 prof. avv. Stefano Zunarelli
ICAR/05 Security 15 gen. Giuseppe Morabito
Internship or project work 2
Final Dissertation 3
Total 60

port planning and investments
Governance of port systems prof. Hercules Haralambides
-Ex-President of the port autority of Brindisi
-Visiting Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam
-Chair Professor, Dalian Maritime University, China
The European, national, territorial and landscape dimension of port planning prof. Francesco Rotondo
Associate Professor of Urban Planning, Università Politecnica delle Marche
Port planning and the port-city relationship. General outline - history, planning and landscape. Dott. Arch. Serena D’Amora
Associate Professor of Urban Planning at the Department of Architecture - Università degli Studi G. d’Annunzio di Chieti-Pescara.
Energy and Environmental Aspects of Port Planning and Management - Eng. Nancy Attolico
AdSP Mar Adriatico Meridionale
- Eng. Gaetano Internò
AdSP Mar Ionio - Porto di Taranto
Port infrastructure and coastal morphodynamics processes - Prof. Eng. Giuseppe Roberto Tomasicchio
Full Professor of Maritime constructions - Università del Salento
Alessandra Saponieri
Associate Professor of Maritime Constructions – Università del Salento
Large ships and participations of dredging eng. Francesco Messineo Secretary General AdSP Mare Tirreno centrale
President of AP di Carrara
Port industries of Southern Italy and port railway infrastructure prof. Pietro Spirito
Executive - CUS Napoli
President AdSP Mare Tirreno centrale
Ports in integrated transport systems Eng. Roberto Di Maria
PhD in transport infrastructure
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Port reforms in Italy - future perspectives Eng. Luigi Merlo
President of Federlogistica
President of AP di Genova
President of Assoporti
Vertical integration of freight transport. The role of the global carrier Federico Pittaluga
Managing Director - Medlog Italia srl
Managing Director - Medway Italia srl
The evolution of collective labour contracts in logistics Dor. Pasquale Russo
Secretary General Conftrasporto/Confcommercio - Rome
The evolution of the rail freight market, the growth of competition Dr. Giuseppe Rizzi
General Secretary Fise UNIPORT
The role of freight villages, lack of standards, back-port planning Dr. Daniele Ciulli
Director - Prato interport
The rules of competition in the Maritime Port Sector Avv. Alberto Rossi
Director - Assarmatori
Maritime Logistics
Short Sea Shipping – Motorways of the Sea Eng. Dario Aponte
RAM logistica Infrastrutture trasporti SpA
Maritime logistic, freight modelling and routing optimisation Mauro Catalani
Associate Professor - Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope
Collaborator of MSC in the cruising sector and cargo logistic
Maritime Logistics
Overview of the maritime industry and regulatory framework with focus on safety Eng. Alessandro Maccari
RINA Marine
Solas Convention - Massimiliano Caviglia
- Marco Dardano
- Carlo Aiachini
- Luigi Benedetti
- Alessandro Maccari
- Davide Campora
- Valentina Grosso
RINA Marine Engineers
MARPOL Convention - Ignazio Mulè
- Eng. Carlo Aiachini
RINA Marine
Challenges of the near future - Eng. Giovanna Carosi
- Eng. Alessandro Maccari
- Dr.ssa Marta Galletti
RINA Marine
Transportation economics and management of transportation infrastructure and enterprises
Transportation Economics - Dr. Gese Milone
Professional> - Dr. Claudio Ferrari
Prof. Ordinario Economia dei Trasporti (UNIGE)
- Dr. Alessio Tei
Prof. Associato Economia del Turismo e dei Trasporti (UNIGE)
Infrastructure management and reporting companies Dr. Gian Enzo Duci
Professor of Ship Agency and Management – Department of Economics University of Genova
port authority
COURSE 1 Maritime Economics and Logistics prof. Hercules Haralambides
-Ex-President - Port Authority of Brindisi
-Visiting Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam
- Chair Professor, Dalian Maritime University, China
COURSE 2 Cruise Shipping Economics prof. Mauro Catalani
Associate Professor - Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope
Collaborator of MSC in the cruising sector and cargo logistic
COURSE 3 Microeconomics Dr.ssa Antonella Laino
eCampus Researcher
Macroeconomics & International EconomicsDr.ssa Manuela Ciani Scarnicci
eCampus Researcher
COURSE 1 The ship and the shipping company/td> Dr. Anna Montesano
RTDa in Right of Navigation and Transport - Università di Pisa
COURSE 2 Vessel management agreement and multimodal transport Avv. Ilaria Malaguti
Associate of the "Zunarelli e Associati" Law Firm
COURSE 3 Maritime transportation of goods: contractual and insurance profiles avv. Elena Orrù
PA Maritime Law – Università di Bologna
COURSE 4 Port governance and regulation of port activities prof. avv. Stefano Zunarelli
PO Maritime and Transport Law – Università di Bologna
Recreational boating
COURSE 5 Maritime kidnapping and rescue at sea Avv. Andrea Giardini
Senior Partner of the "Zunarelli e Associati" Law Firm
COURSE 1 Project fleet and downtime of port activities Prof. Eng. Giuseppe Roberto Tomasicchio
PO Maritime constructions - Università del Salento
Prevention of maritime piracy attacks
Maritime security and antipiracy rules Adm. Cristiano Aliperta
Permanent Representative of Italy at IMO
Maritime rescue service at the London Embassy
Maritime antipiracy Dr. Giuseppe Vittoria
- National advisor to FederSicurezza with responsibility for port and maritime security
- Member of the european committee for port and maritime security of CoESS
Techniques and methods of defense against terrorist attacks
Terrorist threats in port areas Gen. B. Giuseppe Morabito
Director Civil Protection in Rome
Port security Gen. C.A. Giorgio Battisti
Italian Atlantic Committee
Various forms of security threats Gen. B. Giuseppe Morabito
Director Civil Protection in Rome
COURSE 4 Ship Maneuvering Safety Simone Quaranta
THESI consulting
COURSE 5 - Maritime Security: from the high seas to security in the port environment Maritime security: analysis of the challenges of the III millennium Adm. Andrea Mucedola
- Deputy Chief of Department 3 Navy General Staff
- Head of Maritime Defence Planning Division at ACT High Command
- Head of Operation Support Division of the Coalition Maritime Forces
Security in italian ports Adm. Lucio Borniotto
- Maritime Consultant and Surveyor
- Area Operations Commander
- Maritime of the Mar Ligure – Direction
- Maritime of Genova – Italian Navy
- Port Authority Technical Corps
- Coast Guard