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In conformity with article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (The Privacy Law - hereinafter, the Law), Università Telematica eCampus (hereinafter eCampus) with headquarters at Via Isimbardi no. 10, 22060 Novedrate (CO), Italy, VAT no./Tax ID 90027520130, in its capacity as data controller is required to provide users of the site the following information.


I. A) The following items of your personal data are being processed:

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Data marked with an asterisk (*) is required for registering with the domain.

I. B) Similarly, your IP address and the type of browser you use to connect to the domain (non-identifying data), automatically recorded by the logical devices that protect and control access to the domain (LOG FILES), are also being processed. This personal data will be exclusively used to control network traffic to the and for no longer than necessary.

I. C) Cookies
Cookies are text files containing minimum information which are sent to the browser and archived on the user’s computer, each time the user visits a website. At every connection, cookies send back information to the reference site.

Cookies for User profiling are not used.

This site uses technical cookies and “third party” cookies.

a.Technical cookies

There are two different categories of cookie, based on their characteristics and use.

  1. Strictly necessary cookies (session). These are indispensable cookies for the correct functioning of the website.

The deactivating of these cookies could compromise the use of the site.

  1. Analytical and performance cookies. These are cookies that are used to collect and analyse, anonymously, the traffic and use of the site, allowing the, for example, the site to know whether the same user connects to the site at different times. They allow furthermore the monitoring of the system and improve its performance and use.

The deactivating of these cookies can be done with no loss of function.

b.Third party cookies

Visiting a website, you can receive cookies that are managed by different subjects (third parties) than the Owner of the site you have visited. The management of the information collected by ‘third parties’ is governed by the relevant disclosure statement. Cookies from third parties allow the third parties which use them to obtain more complete polls and statistics about users’ search habits.
The deactivating of these cookies can be done with no loss of function.
The user can choose to able or disable cookies by changing the browser’s navigation settings according to the instructions that are made available by suppliers.


1) consulting this domain;

2) managing your relationship with eCampus: in this specific case, to provide you more detailed information for the purpose of planning and providing the educational activities you selected;

3) purposes strictly connected and instrumental to the management of the above-mentioned relationship (such as, for example, the acquisition of information for enrolling and registering for degree courses, to perform the requested operations and provide the requested services and administrative/accounting management for the entire duration of the educational path);

4) purposes implied by the fulfilment of legal obligations and the requests and instructions of authorities and supervisory bodies;

5) sending promotional information which are meant to be interesting for you, even electronically, by phone, SMS, MMS, fax, mail, e-mail, web application, in compliance with your consent of the use of personal data;

6) analysing the information for statistical purposes;

7) fulfilling our obligations under Italian or European Community laws and regulations;


III. A) The data you provide electronically by filling out the forms provided at the collection points of the domain will be processed by computer and on paper through electronic procedures.

III. B) The data will be processed in a way to ensure its physical and logical security and confidentiality and using manual, computerised and remote tools suitable for storing, transmitting and sharing the data itself.

III. C) The processing logic will be closely correlated to the purposes explained above and, in particular, your data, which could be subject to all the processing in article 4, letter “a”, of the Law, will be stored and/or processed using computer procedures and used by:

- company departments assigned to manage the above-referenced activities (and related obligations), or enabled to perform those necessary for the maintenance, execution and/or conclusion of the relationship established with you;

- physical or legal persons that, on the basis of a contract with eCampus, provide specific processing services or perform connected activities that are instrumental to, or that support, those of eCampus.


Your data will or can be communicated to third-party subjects, such as: Banks and/or credit institutions assigned to regulate payments in the agreed upon way; Insurance companies for the handling of any claims for compensation for damages; Agencies or bodies authorised for the fulfilment of obligations within the limits of the law; Organizations with joint ownership( Studium Srl, Accademia del Lusso Milano Srl, Scuola Radio elettra Srl, Associazione dopo Diploma) reported to the Italian Privacy Authority (Garante); Physical or legal persons that, on the basis of a contract with eCampus, provide specific processing services or perform connected activities that are instrumental to, or that support, those of eCampus.

In compliance with the D.M. 20/09/11 – Interministerial Circular of 04/08/11 – and without any specific refusal by the person concerned according to the procedures set out in the Art. 7 of the D.Lgs. 196/2003 and sent to, this University will send the curricula vitae of all its enrolled students to the Ministry of Labour, in order to make them available in the Cliclavoro portal, the portal of the Ministry of Labour.

This privacy policy is effective for the e-Campus domain only, not for other websites visited by the user through links. The presence of the privacy policy assures the user to be in the e-Campus domain.


You are not obligated to provide the data but it is essential for providing you the requested information, for the correct fulfilment of pre-contractual obligations and, in general, for fulfilling all our legal obligations. Failure to provide it, that is to give consent for its treatment or its communication to the above-mentioned third party subjects, will make it impossible for us to respond to your specific requests and to make our services available for you.


Articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Law grant data subjects specific rights. In particular, you may ask eCampus to confirm whether or not your personal data exists and to have it made available in intelligible form.

You may, likewise, ask to know the origin of the data, as well as the logic and purposes of its processing; you may also request - where allowed by law - the deletion, transformation in anonymous form or blockage of data processed in violation of the law; you may also request that the data be updated, corrected or if you have an interest, supplemented. Finally, you may object to the processing for legitimate reasons.


You have the right, at any time, to revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data. If you wish the processing of your data to be interrupted through the deletion or destruction of the related recordings or reproductions, you can send an e-mail to the address or send a fax to the following number +39 031 7942501, accompanied by a photocopy of your identity document with the following text: “revocation of consent to the processing of all my personal data”. Otherwise - using the same method - you can send a registered letter with return receipt to the following address: Università Telematica eCampus Via Isimbardi no. 10, 22060 Novedrate (CO), Italy.

It could be necessary to verify your identity by answering to some questions before eCampus sends you or modifies any information. You will receive a reply in the shortest time possible.


The Data Controller is Università Telematica eCampus, with headquarters at: Via Isimbardi no. 10, 22060 Novedrate (CO), Italy, VAT no./Tax ID 90027520130.


This web site is managed by eCampus. The Data Controller is Università Telematica eCampus, with headquarters at Via Isimbardi no. 10, 22060 Novedrate (CO), Italy, VAT no./Tax ID 90027520130.

The updated list of subjects responsible for specific processing operations will be kept updated and sent to you upon request .

Novedrate, 29th October 2015.