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Beginning with the 2007-2008 academic year, registration is open for the twenty-two Corsi di Laurea degree courses listed in the educational offering.
You can register every day of the year and can attend lessons at any time of day. eCampus is always open and always ready for its students. Only examinations require a physical on-site presence and they are organised as in all other universities, and are held on fixed dates for each course every three months.

How to register
You can register to pursue a degree (Corso di Laurea, Master Universitario and Corso di Specializzazione) that has legal value in Italy. For this reason there will be various steps involved when enrolling for the first time to acquire and verify the existence of all conditions and requirements.
Registration in subsequent years after the year of enrolment is, instead, a simple procedure that requires only two activities:

  1. payment of the annual charge;

  2. filling out and sending a registration application.

In any case, before registering, it is a good idea to find out if you have transferable university credits that will allow you to reduce the time required to earn a degree. If you are not familiar with the credit system, consult the section "pre-evaluation of credits".

Consult the enrolment procedure

Registration by foreign students (enrollment only and, therefore, not transfers from other Italian universities) is governed by the rules listed on the site of the MIUR, which allow registration only through embassies and consulates. All the necessary forms (Forms A-L) can be found on the site of the MIUR.

For any information or clarifications, you can:

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