Advanced training courses for teachers

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eCampus University offers advanced training courses in order to provide the teachers at all educational levels with a valid operative tool. Each course is aimed at the acquisition of knowledge and skills for a modern professional profile; in particular it is aimed at perfecting the theoretical-practical skills with regard to the educational principles that all the teachers should have in their "toolbox".

Therefore, this training session will be a moment of discussion, in-depht analysis and reflection, in order to keep up with the basic knowledge of a specific field, along with the latest frontier in scientific reasearch inn accordance with the arrangements, requirements and duration enstablished by the University.

1. Admission Requirements and addressees

The Advanced training courses are addressed to:

The requested qualifications must be achieved before the expiry date of the request application for the course.

2. Course duration

The duration of the Advanced Training Courses shall be 1-year or 2-years.

3. Didactics

The didactic activity shall be entirely provided in the University's online platform. There shall be no midterm examinations, only a final examination (mandatory presence).

The final examinations shall take place in one of the University branches (Novedrate, Rome, Bari, Naples, Palermo, Turin).

In order to take the final examination, the student is required to view and carry out all the online didactic activities.

4. Certification

The "Qualification Certificate" along with the credits relative to the certification of the course will be issued once the the student completes the course and passes the final exam.

5. Enrolment (requested documents)

The enrolment process shall be considered complete once the the student receives from the Student Secretariat a feedback on the correct transmission of the following documents:

the students holding a diploma or a degree certificate achieved in another country must provide the following documents:

• “dichiarazione di valore in loco” issued by the italian diplomatic-consular representation responsible for the territory of the State where the degree certification was achieved;

• original diploma/degree certificate o substitutive declaration regarding the diploma/degree certificate;

• official italian translation and legalization of the diploma/degree certificate;

6. Cost and methods of payment

120 CFU courses - € 900

60 CFU courses - € 450

40 CFU courses - € 400

20 CFU courses - € 320

The amount of the fee shall be payed by bank transfer or by postal draft.

Bank transfer information:

C/C N°  1000/00001035
ABI: 03069
CAB: 51600
IBAN Code:  IT52 H030 6951 6001 0000 0001 035

Postal draft information:

Made out to: Università Telematica eCampus
c/c n°: 000094220753
IBAN: IT 91 N 07601 03200 000094220753

7. Forms

Didactic programme 120 CFU - 3000 hours (2 years) course
1. The school of competences: planning, evaluating and certifying

Didactic programme 60 CFU - 1500 hours (1 year) course
1. Innovative practices and didactic technologies: tablet, multimedia whiteboards (IWB)
2. Managing learning disability froma a psycho-pedagogic perspective
3. Learning disability in situations of handicap and integrated education
4. Professional counseling
5. "Buona Scuola". Didactic methodologies
6. Language didactics for the infancy

Didactic programme 20 CFU - 500 hours (1 year) course
1. Literature for the infancy
2. Expressive didactics: creativity, drawing and music
3. Didactic and innovative instruments for students with special education needs (SEN)
4. Psychopedagogy for learning disabilities

PDidactic programme 8 CFU - 200 hours (1 year) course
1. The multimedia whiteboard (IWB) and the new educational technologies


Register to the eCampus portal here.

Download and fill in the enrolment form

Send the completed form to the University headquarters at the following address:

Università Telematica eCampus

Via Isimbardi, 10

22060 Novedrate (CO)

The student must include a copy of the payment of the tuition fee(see the methods of payment) In the reasons for the payment must be indicated:

Surname, name and social security number

indication on the course the student wishes to apply for

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