Giuseppe Vercelli

He is a psychologist and psychotherapist, and teaches Sports Psychology at the University of the Studies of Turin. He is the head of the psychological sector of the FISI (Winter Sports Federation) and the FICK (Italian Canoe Kayak Federation). He participated to the Olympic Games of Turin, Beijing, Vancouver, London and PeyongChang as official psychologist of the CONI.
He is the head of the Psychological Sector of the Juventus F.C. since 2011. Along with his team he developed the SFERA, a perfomance optimization method. He is head of the "Center for Sports Psychology” of the ISEF in Turin.
He is a researcher of Performance Psychology and  its applications in the field of sports, organization and managering. He thaught labour psychology at the Bocconi University in Milan and at the Faculty of Economics - University of Turin. He authored the following scientific publications: Vincere con la Mente, L’intelligenza agonistica, SFERA Training-manuale di allenamento,  Il Potere nascosto dell’Ombra and Psicologia dell’alta prestazione nel trading.