Prof. Filippo Macaluso, Ph.D.

After having attained the Degree in Motor Sciences at the University of the Studies of Palermo, he continued his studies attaining the title of Research Doctorate (Ph.D.) in "Science of the Motor Activities" at the University of the Studies of Palermo. He carries out in various Italian and foreign Universities, research activity, with the purpose of studying the structure, and the plasticity of the striated muscle tissue (skeletal and cardiac muscle) under stress (motor activity, sports activity and injury) in various experimental models (in vitro, in animal and in human) through a multidisciplinary approach (anatomical, biomolecular and physiological).
From the academic year 2018 he is the co-ordinator of the Degree Course in Physical Education and Sports", at eCampus University, Faculty of Psychology. Currently he teaches "Human Anatomy", "Theory and Didactics of Water Sports" and "Anthropometrical Evaluation of the Body Composition" at eCampus Online University. He authored various scientific articles on sports activities.