Dr. Carlo Castagna

He attained a PhD at the University of Granada (Spain, 2012) and at the University of Roma Tor Vergata (2015) respectively in physiology of the Futsal and on the analysis of training load in football. Member of the teaching staff of the Degree Course in Physical Eduaction at the University of Rome Tor Vergata . From 2007 he works as training expret for the associazione italiana arbitri (AIA-FIGC). From 2011 he is head of the lab of applied Methodology and Biomechanics  for the Technical Sector of the Italian Football Federation in Coverciano (Florence). Currently he works as a researcher in the fields of training physiology, match analysis, field tests and training optimization for referees and footballers. He published 155 articles on PubMed with a HI of 58 anda RG score of 42.72 (settembre 2019). The magazine BJSM raked Carlo Castagna as the third most influent researcher in Science Applied to Football for the year 2018.