The different learning pathways: Forensic Psychology - Investigative Sciences - Correctional Psychology and Medicine

1st and 2nd level Academic Master


The objective of the academic master in Criminology is to provide knowledge in the main areas of intervention related to Criminology and Forensic Psychopathology. Thanks to the variety of the learning pathways offered, the students will acquire specific competencies and create a competitive curriculum.


The master was planned for students willing to develop further their learning pathway: law enforcement officers,  criminal lawyers, family lawyers, pychologists, journalists, social assistants, sociologists, family mediators, nurses and physicians.

The master is also suitable for institutional workers, such as correctional facility officers, operators in group homes for marginalized and misfit subjects, such as drug addicts. Also, we must not forget the diversification of the competencies offered to biologists, geologists, chemists, graduates in Biotechnologies, Natural Science and Environmental Science willing to turn their career around.


The graduates of the Master in Criminology may work in the investigative field and collaborate to the investigations, both within the Law Enforcement and in the journalistic/investigative field. Moreover, the graduates shall be able to provide assistance to the victim in all areas, such as domestic and off-family abuses, calamities, natural disasters, kidnapping, or to work in correctional facilities. For professional profiles such as nurses, obstericians, physicians, the master provides formative credits within the framework of the continuous education system.


Total duration: 1 year

A part of the academic master is common to all the learning pathways provided, and includes disciplines such as law, forensic psychopathology, general criminology and applied criminology. The candidate, may choose among three different learning pathways: forensic psychology, investigative sciences, and correctional psychology and medicine.

The master shall be implemented in full online modality: the didactic contest shall be provided in the online platform of the University, and the discussion of the final dissertation shall take place in the Novedrate headquarters.

The examinations are oral, an may be carried out in the following branches of the University: Novedrate, Rome, Palermo, Naples, Bari and Padua.