Organisation and Authority

The eCampus Institution for the University and Research


In a social and economical system so instable continuously variable as ours, education and training can be neither an experience which is an end in itself nor a mere experience sharing system.

The necessity of learning is not simply felt as a need to feel totally fulfilled, but as a gap between the great range of knowledge/proficiency and the personal acquisition to achieve cultural or practical targets. The kind of education requested by young students or adults who choose to study comes from the widespread perception of young people and the real experience of adults that the idea of working as an active person-world relationship is changed. The professional profiles not only grew in numbers but enriched with Technical-Scientific, relational, managerial, cultural, ethical proficiencies.

The basis of this change is the historical evolution of Science and Technique.

After leaving the University to enter a factory, nowadays Science is spreading all over thanks to the new technology which is deeply changing our lifestyle. We say “Knowledge of Society” to emphasize the core of the modern economic, social, cultural, technological system, but we actually need 'to learn' the world and society. With a complete collection of information about the world and the society and organizing it in the unlimited data bases we actually have, it is necessary to search and elaborate this knowledge and its meaning and to experience it. Otherwise all these data remain merely data.

Here comes out the significance of education, professional training, academic, scientific and technological research. They are relevant not only for economy and occupation but also for social identity. Once the social distress was due to the lack of resources and means, while today it is rooted in the lack of knowledge and proficiency.

Our Purpose

The eCampus Foundation is the result of a careful and conscious consideration of this complexity. Its members have been committed for years to education and taken charge of planning and developing the Italian system of education and professional training for the past few decades developing a huge and well-acknowledge experience in organizing and learning.

In order make this huge knowledge available and useful to people, the eCampus Foundation chose to establish a non-profit centre for cultural initiatives and public services to be active as much as possible in the field of education and of scientific and technological research.

The eCampus Foundation intends to make a qualified contribution to the education system and the professional training in Italy, showing special attention to the internal demand, in order to get more and more professional courses, to improve the learning system by developing the Research and the learning Research, to support technically, scientifically and didactically the public and private schools and educational Institutions.

The Foundation declares that its institutional commitments are (Article 3/3)

  • favouring other educational and cultural Institutions to establish and develop

  • promoting and supporting those initiatives that aim to introduce new organizational and didactic experiences in the senior secondary school and university education (included e-learning and distance learning according to the EU regulations)

  • stimulating the Research to work on learning process by establishing a Centre for the Study and Documentation called “Centro ricerche sull’apprendimento” (Centre for Learning Research)

It is an education service that aims to offer its students a real solution to cope with the actual requirements of the “economic, social and productive fabric of the country” (article 3/3) and to reverse the economic trend in order to expand the supply for education and professional training by working out a supply much more based on the demand of young people, families, companies, public administrations and educational Institutions.

It seems to us that one of the reason why the Italian education system is so unsuccessful compared to the other European countries is due to the very feeble connection with the other systems - economic-productive, administrative, scientific, social and cultural.

The eCampus Foundation promotes an effective connection among people, systems, Institutions and social groups, providing everyone with feasible methods, advanced and tested theories, creativity in the teaching methodologies and innovation in assessment. The purpose is creating and assessing intellectual, individual and collective resources.

Structures and Activities

The purpose of the eCampus Foundation can seem to be too ambitious to be carried out but its plan is actually well-framed, selective and operational.

In addition to the managerial and organizational structures we would like to focus on the following issues:

  • the Centre for Learning Research which supports every educational and training initiative both technically and scientifically

  • the Scientific Board which develops the service policy and monitors the demand in order to assess and improve the supply

  • the Documentation Centre to which all the scientific domestic, international and eCampus press production both paper and electronic format comes. It is a connection platform with the most important database in the matter.

Some important procedures of the eCampus Foundation plan are:

  • a flexible course program to meet every demand

  • a flexible management model that allows the Foundation to manage different plans privately or to give provide special societies or partners

  • a marketing user-centred model, whether the user is an individual person (students or researchers who can make use of grants) or a body corporate

  • a linear organization with centralized and distributed structures throughout the country to improve the service

Learning as our first commitment

The eCampus Foundation stands out from the Italian non-profit Institutions for culture and education because its unique aim is learning. Socially and economically it is a target hard but essential to achieve.

Referring to education while speaking about the problems of the world societies it’s a cliché. Starting from poverty, starving and market competitiveness it always comes from learning. That is the reason why people and societies consider this issue as a long-term one.

We think it is possible to reduce time and cost by simply introducing both modern and traditional methodologies and technologies with a new logic into the training and education system. If learning becomes the most important part of every individual and the matter of interpersonal and working relationships, then the feedback will be much faster.

Technology and method are the base of modern teaching, but what we need is focusing on the real necessity that people have to best employ method and technology. Teaching is not the only a way to share knowledge, but is a good means to help students with approaching to learning.

The eCampus Foundation intends to teach the correct teaching method.