eCampus Learning Methods

eCampus offers students three different learning method options, giving students the possibility to study in the way that suits them best:


This option means that students follow their whole degree programme online from their own home, having access both to lectures delivered by professors as well as personalised tutor support. In this programme, tutors help students with their study plan and schedule and provide administrative assistance. Students come to the university campus only for exam sessions or for special events related to their studies (maximum 8 per year).


Students can decide to study and live on campus throughout their online degree course, benefitting from a full university experience. This possibility allows students to enjoy the academic and social experience of a traditional university whilst still taking advantage of the flexibility of an online degree course.
Students follow lectures taught by professors online, in the same way as those who choose the distance learning programme, but also have the advantage of a personal tutor who is placed beside them for the entire duration of their studies. Students meet up with their tutor to discuss what they are learning and to receive extra study support where needed. Those who choose to live on campus are guaranteed a modern bedroom with private bathroom and high-quality internet access. For this option, international students must obtain a study visa.

PROGRAMMES WITH NO STUDY VISA REQUIRED (international students only)

International students can access the combined study programme, blending distance learning with on-campus residency, meaning they stay at the university campus for 6 weeks twice a year. This is to allow non-EU students to come to Italy on a tourist visa. The programme consists of a mix of distance learning (as in the first option above) and gives students an on-campus residential experience (as in the second option).
Students come to Italy twice a year (coinciding their stay with exam sessions) in order to consolidate, with the help of a personal tutor, what they have learnt in the lectures previously followed online from their own countries through the e-learning platform.


Students who choose a residential option live at the university campus in Novedrate. Situated near Milan and Lake Como, the campus boasts modern and comfortable accommodation including single bedrooms with private bathroom, classrooms, two dining areas, a large park, football field, and other recreational and study areas.
A 24/7 Security Service is in operation on the campus.
Living together with other students on the university campus means sharing both study moments and leisure time and having the opportunity to develop recreational interests at the same time as attaining an excellent preparation level in a friendly environment equipped with every comfort.