Novedrate campus

eCampus Online University’s

The main campus of eCampus Online University is in Novedrate (Como).
Built in the early 1970s, the building complex was designed by architect Bruno Morassutti, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, and housed the IBM Education Centre until July 2003.  

The structure is located inside the park of Villa Casana, an early eighteenth-century building. The park extends over an area of 150,000 square metres.

The buildings have an area of more than 23,000 square metres and include:

  • two main buildings, the first dedicated to management and teaching structures (with 60 rooms of various size, partially with movable walls) and the second one for housing (225 single-room apartments for students and 45 two-room apartments for faculty; the whole can be increased to 500 units);

  • areas dedicated to kitchens, pantries, restaurants and bars;

  • lobby;

  • auditorium;

  • infirmary;

  • warehouses;

  • small buildings for guard use;

  • small buildings used for technical-engineering services.

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The teaching structures also include spaces for the Learning Research Centre and eLearning Services Centre and for the editorial groups that produce educational materials.

The green areas are equipped with sports facilities (tennis and basketball courts) and parking for over 200 vehicles.

Sixty thousand square metres of landscaped area are reserved for the university.

Campus layout

Novedrate headquarter

  1. reception;

  2. 60 rooms and an auditorium

  3. Accomodations:

    • 225 student bedsits 

    • 45 teacher two-room flats

  4. kitchen, larders, restaurants, bars;

  5. laboratories

  6. playing fields

  7. North Campus Parking for 200 cars

  8. South Campus Parking

More than 23.000 square metres of built area.
Student health services: an infirmary is located in the Campus building.

Medical services and access for the disabled

At the campus in Novedrate there is an infirmary equipped for first aid and located in the area of the reception on the ground floor.

In case of illness the territorial emergency/urgency network is immediately alerted.

The structure allows an easy access for the disabled because it is provided with lifts that lead to the floors where classrooms and lodgings are located.


Via Isimbardi 10 - 22060 Novedrate (CO) - Italy - Tel. +39 031/7942500-7942505

Services offered: Administration services, housing and halls for seminars and examination sessions.