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Pearson Test of English (PTE)

PTE is an internationally recognized examination falling within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Each candidate may choose a specific exam related to a specific level of the CEFR. All the levels are internationally recognized, and universally accepted in the labour market and in the academic field as a language certificate. In Italy, the exam is recognized by the MIUR and are accepted for the purpose of public competitions.

    PTE - Level A1 Foundation (A1 CEFR) PTE Exam1
    Speakout Elementary Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3
    PTE - Level 1 (A2 CEFR) PTE Exam1
    Speakout Pre.intermediate Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3
    PTE - Level 2 (B1 CEFR) PTE Exam1
    Speakout Intermediate Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3
    PTE - Level 3 (B2 CEFR) PTE Exam1
    Speakout Upper Intermediate Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3
    PTE - Level 4 (C1 CEFR) PTE Exam1
    Speakout Advanced Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3
    PTE - Level 5 (C2 CEFR) PTE Exam1
    Speakout Advanced Plus Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3

    1PTE Exam: The exam shall consist in a written part and an oral part. The number of exercises for each exam may vary depending on the level chosen.
    2Speakout Etext: handbook available in electronic form on the online platform, for various levels of Exam (12 months from the beginning of the course).
    3MyEnglish Lab: online platform with 12 units of consolidating exercises, 4 review unit and activities with BBC videos.

    Recognized Credits: 2 CFU*

31/01/2020 update on the availability of Exams and Didactic activities

*The CFU related to the attainment of the certifications shall be recognized and acquired in the students' career upon submission of a request to the competent authority of the Student Administration Office, and upon evaluation of the suitability of the aforementioned application to the current General Academic Regulations of the University.

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